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Craddock Family History

Craddock Name Meaning

Welsh and English: from the Welsh personal name Caradawc Cradawc Caradoc Caradog meaning ‘amiable’ familiar in its Latin form Caractacus (but correctly Caratacus for British Celtic Caratācos from the stem carat- ‘dear love’) a British prince who was taken as prisoner to Rome in about 51 AD for his leadership of a revolt against the Roman occupation. Americanized form of German Gredig . Compare Graddick.*


The surname Craddock was first found in Glamorganshire (Welsh: Sir Forgannwg), a region of South Wales, anciently part of the Welsh kingdom of Glywysing. However, some of the family were found in Whaston (Washton) in the North Riding of Yorkshire in early times. "It comprises about 1200 acres, partly the property of the Craddock family.*


Although there are comparatively few Welsh surnames, they have a great many spelling variations. Variations of Welsh names began almost immediately after their acceptance within Welsh society. In the Middle Ages, it was up to priests and the few other people that recorded names in official documents to decide how to spell the names that they heard. Variations that occurred because of improper recording increased dramatically as the names were later transliterated into English. The Brythonic Celtic language of Wales, known by natives as Cymraeg, featured many highly inflected sounds that could not be properly captured by the English language. Spelling variations were, however, also carried out according to an individual's design: a branch loyalty within the family, a religious adherence, or even patriotic affiliations were all indicated by the particular variation of one's name. The spelling variations of the name Craddock have included Craddock, Caradoc, Cradoc, Craddoch, Cradoch, Cradock, Caradoch, Carradock, Carradoch, Caradock and many more. [2]

  • This family crest was modified ~2010 to more accurately represent the family activities and interests of life in the 21st century. More specifically, of the David William Craddock branch.


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